Tailor's Cut method

How is it possible that our bespoke suits are so accurate?
How can we make a dress that perfectly follow the shape of your body leaving you the comfort and freedom of movement?
Our secret is the "Teletta". We build on your measurements using a TNT (Nonwoven Polypropylene) and during the test we adhere perfectly to your body with an accurate pinning and appropriate cuts in critical areas.
In this way we obtain an exact template of your appearance .
We also listen to your suggestions regarding the style and preferences by changing the "Teletta" according to your wishes.
In this way we obtain a very accurate "Teletta", so precise that you cannot wear it because you will not be able to move.
Of course we want that the dress coming from this "Teletta" will not only be accurate but also comfortable.
In fact, after making the appropriate changes to your template directly on computer, we enlarge it with a special software to obtain an accurate and confortble model.
Those who already know the system TAILOR 'S CUT know that a dress made with this technology is exactly as desired.
Our list of fabrics includes collections from the best producers sold at cut.
The system TAILOR 'S CUT is protected by Italian Patent No. 0001366078.
Patent pending in Europe and U.S.A.
"Tailor 's Cut" and "Teletta" are registered trademarks of Casa D'Arte Lo Bosco srl - Milan.